if you said yes... …Give me 60 days and I’ll show you how to shed access weight, break unhealthy habits, and create a healthy lifestyle that you love with a Christian foundation + receive recipes, nutrition plans, and exercises generating results that will last. FACT.

Imagine What You CAN Achieve...

Are You:

  • Finally ready to shed the last few pounds for the summer but have no clue where to start?
  • Tired of your weight holding you down and keeping you from moving in confidence and excelling personally and professionally?
  • Wanting to redeem your energy so you can dedicate more time to family and things that matter most but have no clue how to manage your time, money, and energy?
  • Ready to breakthrough all the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and once and for all live the fulfilling life you were destined to live?

  • Again. Let me guess????
    You don’t know where to start? You’re tired of putting your hope into fad diets that don’t last, your daily walk to the car has you sweating whenever you hear the word exercise and you don’t know who to ask or what to believe from the never ending yo-yo of conflicting advice from the billions of FB groups you joined!!!! SOUND FAMILIAR???? Read on…

But you (not so) secretly dream of:



Shedding weight and burdens permanently for your greater calling. It's time to shift mentally, physically, and spiritually into a personal BRAND that you truly desire so you can be highly confident while living the lifestyle you deserve.



Longing to have energy so you can dedicate more time to things that matter. You desire to build AUTHORITY and be in DEMAND as you strategically apply biblical knowledge to finally make the type of IMPACT you've always dreamed in every area of your life.



Finally being able to stop trading meals for sanity and adopt lifestyle changes that you and your family can benefit from long term.

But You Know What Separates Winners from Losers?

  • It's not grit
    Or hustle
    Or money
    Or looks
    Or even intelligence (sad but true!)
    It’s the first step… It’s the courage and the guts to take a deep breath, swallow your pride (and fear) and ask for help
    because that is the hardest step you will ever take…
    and also the most important!

That's where I come in...

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Hi, I'm Traci

Your very own personal Health Coach!

As a former college athlete, corporate executive with advanced degrees in Health Management, and experience as a University Instructor teaching Nutrition, Health & Wellness courses. I know a thing or two about weight and stress management. Not to mention my own 40lb weight loss journey that led me to where I am today (details uncovered in the program =). However, let me not forget the most important part to this puzzle.. that is Christ Himself.  After tearing my ACL in the last inning, last out of my college fast-pitch softball career; spurred a reevaluation of my life plans and purpose. The extensive stages of recovery incorporated an entire renewing of my mind, body and spirit. More importantly, it was when God began to write scriptures upon my heart to uncover my super power and passion in what it truly means to live mentally, physically, and spiritually in sync. Complete restoration and healing began when my search for Him revealed that good health is indeed biblical.

I developed a further understanding that unhealthy eating habits and a lack of commitment to regular exercise was not only destroying my  body but disabling my ability to carry out God’s purpose for my life.

And that's why I created this for you

The Living In Sync Health Coaching Program

Is the only electronic-based Health Coaching Program that uses biblical foundation to connect the mind, body, and Spirit with the latest nutrition and weight-loss strategies. Enabling women to get to closer to God, eliminate self-doubt, and achieve weight-loss goals. Even if you lack in-depth biblical knowledge and have tried every diet under the sun!

What's included?

Module 1: Cast your Health Vision and strategy

  • Uses Habakkuk 2 2:3 to provide a solid foundation as to why setting health goals is biblically necessary.
  • Helps create specific and achievable goals using Tier-1 Health Coaching Models and methods for success.
  • Emphasizes the importance of journaling and its connection to goal achievement.

Module 2: Re-energize your faith with food

  • Uses 3 John 2-4 to explain how living a healthy life is indeed biblical and a command given by God.
  • Identifies what foods give and take energy.
  • Provides certified worksheets on What to eat, How to Go diary-free, How to go gluten-free, water guides etc.

Module 3: "The 3 P's in choosing Healthy Food" (Pleasure, Passion, and Purpose)

  • Uses 1 Corinthians 6:19 to foster an understanding of why God wants us to treat our bodies as prized possessions.
  • Provides a breakdown of how Pleasure, Passion, and Purpose link to our food choices.

Module 4: Relax in His Presence

  • Uses Exodus 33:14 to uncover how recognizing God's presence decreases stress and helps achieve health goals.
  • Provides healthy methods of relaxation including meditation and mental rehearsals in connection with Christ.
  • Supplies certified handouts for purpose pathways and desire lists.


  • Uses Jeremiah 23:24 to help uncover self-sabotage.
  • Provides affirmations that activate your commitment to God and better health.

MODULE 6: Piece by Peace

  • Uses Philippians 4:4-7 to identify what true peace is and how to achieve it.
  • Provides self-nourishment menus and explains its importance in your health.

MODULE 7: Permission to Excel

  • Uses 1 John 1 7:7 to understand the importance of self manifestation.
  • Provides an understanding of how acknowledging progress helps achieve your goals.

What do you get when you enroll in the Living In Sync Health Coaching Program?


The training videos give you step-by-step instruction on the exact methods you can use to remove excess weight, emotional baggage, and improve your relationship with Christ.

“THE WORKS”- (Valued at) $97 Workout plans, exercises, grocery lists- you name it! All included in a premium package just for you!

Your very own affirmations, mental rehearsals, and scripture references to help you truly connect mentally, physically, and spiritually.

PERSONAL FEEDBACK- (Valued at) $57
You’ll receive personalized coaching of your progress, setbacks, accomplishments, and more! This is priceless and will save you thousands of dollars knowing you are on track to creating the healthy life you deserve!

Your very own Habakkuk Journal to document your entire journey. You’ll be able to reflect on your growth and eliminate set-backs!

LIFETIME ACCESS- (Valued at) $57 
Lifetime access the Online Membership Site for as long as you want. Complimentary updates to the training material to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information to live the life you love! Lifetime access to our Facebook tribe for continuous learning, inspiration, and motivation!

Don't forget these bonuses...

BONUS 1: Habakkuk journal

BONUS 2: Preparations to Hear god's voice



$ 297 2 monthly payments


$ 497 One payment

Who is this for...

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are a dreamer not a doer
  • You believe that your current way of living is the only way
  • You like to stay wrapped in your comfort zone and hide because it's the easy option
  • You aren’t ready to invest in yourself and welcome the healthy life you deserve

This is for you if...

  • You are a purpose-driven action taker who is determined above all to become the best version of yourself and live the purposeful lifestyle of your wildest dreams
  • You are a high performer and you know you’re MADE for more than the average person or an average life
  • You believe in investing in your best asset - yourself
  • And you simply want to develop a true relationship with Christ, be healthier, and fulfilled

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re on the fence….

Or if other programs / coaches have let you down…

I want to give you EVERY opportunity to take advantage of the Living In Sync Health Coaching Program.

That’s why I’m giving you a whole month (not just 7 or 14 days) to go through the trainings, attend the coaching sessions, get feedback and implement it into your day-to-day practices!


And if you reach out to me within 30 days and you can show me that you have kept up and done the work (you know I will hold you accountable and want to see proof –  I will return 100% of your investment.

But you will have to DO THE WORK

The Living In Sync Health Coaching Program is for action takers who are fully committed to implementing a healthier lifestyle while improving their relationship with Christ and NOT for window shoppers looking to collect more information and workouts to sit on the couch.

So I have to be strict on that last point – you have to do the work and implement the information and feedback to be eligible for a refund, which I will 100% honor.

There’s so much value and growth on the other side of this program and as you know, I’m not afraid to dish out some tough love #toughlovecoach.


$ 297 2 monthly payments


$ 497 One payment

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