21-Day Fitness challenge!

21-Day Fitness Challenge

This challenge guides you through a powerful 21-Day journey of exercises and provides a full body experience to increase weight shed and improve nutrition along-side your Fit with Faith Family in our Virtual Gym! 

"Such a Time as this"

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Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Traci

Your very own personal Health Coach!

As a former college athlete, corporate executive with advanced degrees in Health Management, and experience as a University Instructor teaching Nutrition, Health & Wellness courses. I still suffered from being overweight, bouncing from diet to diet, and lacking a plan that worked for me. Thanks to consistency and determination – I am able to share my journey about my 40lb weight loss! (Details uncovered in the program =). I would depreciate my story by failing to acknowledge the most important part to this puzzle.. that is Christ Himself.  After tearing my ACL in the last inning, last out of my college fast-pitch softball career; spurred a reevaluation of my life plans and purpose. The extensive stages of recovery incorporated an entire renewing of my mind, body and spirit. More importantly, it was when God began to write scriptures upon my heart to uncover my super power and passion in what it truly means to live mentally, physically, and spiritually in sync. Complete restoration and healing began when my search for Him revealed that good health is indeed biblical.

I developed a further understanding that unhealthy eating habits and a lack of commitment to regular exercise was not only destroying my  body but disabling my ability to carry out God’s purpose for my life.

What's in it for You?

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Access to over 70 Virtual Fitness Programs (cardio, weight-lifting, dance, yoga, etc.) and over 700 workouts ranging from 20-60 minutes. This is all streamable from any smart device with internet access.



Simple meal plans and prep guides to help eliminate the guessing and increase chances of getting the results you desire.



24-7 access to our Virtual Gym where we as sisters, provide accountability, motivation and inspiration in a judgement-free zone to help each other achieve goals.

The Time is NOW!

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